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Joy Sawatzky has been telling stories over the past 20 years to entertain, educate, inspire, encourage, reminisce, supervise, and train. She uses all kinds of stories: true stories, folk tales, parables, biblical stories, personal story, sacred story and humor—all to lead the listeners into gratitude for relationships and life in the moment, as well as claiming a life well lived.

Her passionate belief is that not only do stories enrich our lives, but they possess the power to heal as well. A well told story gives the listener permission to imagine a new life for him or her self. What was not believed possible before now can be imagined, and the potential feels unlimited for a life of meaningful work, deeper relationships, increased personal power and a renewed spiritual connection. We often recognize ourselves in another’s story, which brings us closer together as teller and listeners in a bond of community.

Joy tells stories in retreat settings for women and for couples, as well as a guest speaker in various settings. She also tells stories to residents in the various levels of care in retirement communities. Joy lives in eastern Pennsylvania, USA. [an error occurred while processing this directive]

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