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Joy’s engaging and personal style lend themselves to providing inspiration and a sense of connection in whatever the setting. Joy’s background in pastoral ministries, her understanding of the power of story, and her passion for spiritual things come together in a unique way to provide the listeners ‘food’ for the heart and soul. Joy also uses biblical story, folktales, modern day parables and more to craft an evening of Sacred Stories, stories that leave the listener open to the God questions, the God ‘Ah-hah’ moments.

These stories make entertaining and inspiring input for banquets of all kinds; for example, Mother–Daughter Banquets, Volunteer Banquets, and Women’s Ministry Banquets. These lighter stories deal with the small things in life that often teach us the larger lessons. These stories can be shaped around the season of the year or the make-up of the group.

Jesus did his most important teaching using stories, regardless of who was present in the audience. Story sermons return to that method, understanding that the process of making meaning is very personal yet God centered. Jesus trusted that process, and so can we. Story sermons are built around various kinds of stories, always linking it back to a scripture story or passage.

Sacred stories are stories that, at the same time, entertain, teach, transform and provide for the possibility of a change of heart. In this program, all of these things take place through the telling of biblical story, stories of the desert fathers and mothers and various other traditions, along with scripture.

Joy’s personal journey back to God, along with her relentless pursuit of wholeness provides the core story for this inspirational time. Using scripture and sacred story along with her story, you are bound to discover your own story. You are not alone. Others face many of the same distractions and expectations that tend to weigh us down and keep us from living a life less than we imagined for ourselves and receiving the love that God intends for us.

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