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Joy tells stories to residents in the various levels of care in retirement communities that focus on remembering a life well lived, and living well in the moment.

Why stories? As one ages, identity is linked less and less with how much work we can accomplish, and more with memories and human connections made over the years and in the present. To be able to laugh, love, and remember freely-these are gifts that we can give ourselves and to each other in the process of aging. This is a tiny piece of the power of storytelling.

Sharing and listening to stories gives people the opportunity to be educated, entertained, inspired, amused, and released from burdens carried for too long. As you recognize yourself in another's story, it brings the teller, you, and other listeners closer together in a bond of community—a tiny piece of the power of storytelling.

Stories help us make sense of life, not just by connecting us with our memories, but our emotions, ideas, and relationships past and present. In the transitions that come with retirement and beyond, senior adults share a great desire to engage in meaningful activity, while claiming lives well lived—this is a piece of the power of storytelling.

Rites of passage, old and new, informal and formal. Stories of those markers in our lives-like learning to ride a bike, the first date, the first career job, the first grandchild, retirement, and more. Some of Joy's stories for this program include Cows and Cookies, Bumpy Road Ahead, Anybody Give a Dollar, Homemade Root Beer in the Summer Time, and A Rite of Spring.

Many of life’s truths and humorous moments are communicated through simple folk tales. They engage our imaginations and offer insight into human nature.

Christmas Miracles – Stories of love for family, faith and finding each other.
Christmas Classics – Stories such as: The Gift of the Magi, The Christmas Box, and The Fourth (other) Wise Man.
Valentine’s Day – Saint Valentine, the origins of the holiday, and other stories of love and relationship.
Lazy Days of Summer – Summertime stories of homemade lemonade and root beer, hand turned ice cream with strawberries, and swimming in the creek on a hot summer’s day. These stories are geared for reminiscing and audience participation with their own stories.
Other Holiday Stories – events upon request.

Sometimes the simplest of stories are the most enjoyable and carry the most profound life lessons.

Looking back through our memories to the places we’ve been and the people we are.

Stories that explore the dreams we have for our lives, and which help ask the question, Did we get to live that life?

Please note: Many programs can include a hands-on component to accompany the story. The stories are used to set the stage for a hands-on response by the listeners—through clay, drawing, picture identification, painting, craft, baking, etc. The response is tailored to the particular program and to the level of care of the audience.

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