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Joy’s retreats range anywhere from half a day to three days. Through her personal presence and mesmerizing voice, she brings together story and reflection to provide inspiration and a glimpse of what it means to live life more fully. More joy, more of God, more appreciation for self and others, more laughter, more power to make important changes.

Our tendency toward a theology that is analytical, precise, and objectively communicated often robs us of the experience of the open-ended, living, chaotic character of revelatory stories. This retreat is intended as a chance to experience story as an imaginary way to be coaxed into a deeper relationship with God and to understand ourselves more deeply. THE story takes on flesh and blood, and dwells among us through a weaving together of personal story, community/global story, biblical story, and time for reflection.

Both Lent and Advent are special times in the life of the church and also in our own spiritual lives – times for renewed introspection in preparation for celebration. In a half or whole day retreat, stories and scripture work together with times of silence to turn those present inward to meet God in a very personal way.

In our time and culture, women are coming to realize their beauty and worth. We are learning to stand up for and claim our unique gifts, as women, and our worthiness of reverence and respect. We are reminded of the countless women in Scriptural times whose names are unspoken and whose faithful deeds have remained untold through out the years. Through Midrash, biblical story and personal story we will give the unnamed names and through their stories visit our own stories. Some of Joy's stories for this program include The Story of Leah, and The Hemorrhaging Woman.

What are the dreams that we have for ourselves and what has happened to those dreams? Are we living them in our present lives? Robert Benson, in his book Between the Dreaming and the Coming True (HarperCollins, 1996), writes that he believes God dreamed us into being before we were ever conceived, and our whole life is spent getting back to that dream. Through story and input, this retreat focuses on what happens when our dreams and God's dream for us meet.

Based on a song by Kathy Mattea:

You got to sing like you don't need the money,
Love like you'll never get hurt,
You gotta dance like nobody's watchin',
It's gotta come from the heart, if you want it to work.

("Come from the Heart" from Willow in the Wind)
This retreat explores what it means to work, play, love and live from the heart. The stories told range from lighthearted to life-changing, sacred to silly.

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