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Heather Scattergood, BBA, M.Ed., CTRS, is a graduate of Temple University with her Masterís of Education in Therapeutic Recreation. She has been in this field for the past 13 years, specializing in geriatrics. Heather is the Director of HGS Consulting, a firm that specializes in the advancement of Therapeutic Recreation through comprehensive teaching and development of specialty programs to meet resident needs in a geriatric setting. She has developed and implemented these specialized programs for low-functioning residents in over 8 facilities in the Delaware Valley. Additionally, she has had the opportunity to work at several facilities where she has trained staff and assisted in the development of successful departments that exceed State and Federal regulations. Heather offers both community workshops and individualized training programs for facilities. She is also the senior Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS) in a longterm care facility.

Joy's comments regarding how Heather does her work: "EXCEPTIONAL!" Joy used Heather to train every new and/or unexperienced activity professional Joy hired in recent years. "Heather is filled with wisdom and grace and offers so much practical experience that is easily applied."

If you are interested in CTRS services, Heather can be reached at scatt@earthlink.net


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